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Reflection on Blas Cymru

Last week was intense as we did Blas Cymru event as a Rising Star company and checked out

the International Convention Centre for the first time.

We didn’t really know what to expect so we went with the idea in mind that we had nothing tolose, and that whatever happened during the two days would be a bonus. And what a massive bonus those two days were!

Getting to meet in person all the wonderful people that have supported us, taught us and given us courage along the way was definitely the highlight. We went full speed with the business in January 2021 out of necessity and, due to the pandemic, it’s often been a lonely journey, as well as scary and baffling and challenging. To be under the same roof as all the wonderful people we’ve met virtually this year was heartwarming, and it was a mega treat to get to taste new products from Parsnipship, Good Carma and Treganna Gin - yum!

Having been presented with sorbet and fruit salad a few too many times since going plant-based in January 2020, we knew there was a gap in the market, but we didn’t understand the scale of that gap. The two days opened our eyes to the need, and it was great to see Thibault’s skills and art being celebrated and enjoyed by those at the top.

Learning about the demand has raised some additional challenges, however, and those

challenges make me feel giddy when I think of them. We’re both totally new to running a

business, and questions are continually circulating as we think of the future:

Where do we want to go? Do we grow? Do we stay like we are? Should we go for this? Shall

we not? Do we need to invest here or there?

Whatever the answers, we need to act fast, and the mountain of work in front of us is frightening and overwhelming. But, luckily, we are a Welsh business and the Welsh Government has our backs! The support that is out there for Welsh Food and Drink businesses is priceless and our business has come on leaps and bounds since joining Cywain.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people and organisations who helped us this lastyear to get to to the point of being able to present at BlasCymru. It was an amazing two days, and we can’t wait for the next one! Diolch Cymru xx

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