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We are taking our Macarons to the street food scene!

So, the idea is simple, We want to turn the idea of having a macaron, sipping on a cuppa in your back garden to something a whole lot dirtier! Have you ever dreamt of getting a dessert that was super sized macaron based, full of cream, sauces, toppers? 

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Hazelnut Macaron
With Chocolate And Hazelnut Mouse

Caramelised Roasted Hazelnuts Pure Praline Paste, Glazed In Magnum Glaze Style
Decorated With Warm Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Chantilly

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Piña Colada’s Cheesecake Macaron
Desiccated Coconut Rum Caviar
Pineapple Flambé With Siddiqui Penderyn Rum
Coconut Cream Drizzle
Micro Mint
Lime Chantillys

Asset 2@300x.png

Layers Of Meringue 
With Custard Cream
Vanilla Chantilly
Summer Berries Coulis 
Fresh Herbs

Asset 3@300x.png

Iced Raspberry Cheesecake Macaron

With Raspberry Jam
Vanilla Chantilly
Raspberry Coulis 
Fresh And Dried Raspberries 
Fresh Herbs

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